Technical Assistance

Technical assistance is available for ANA grant applicants and for funded grantees. TA is delivered in two ways.

Electronic technical assistance (ETA) is provided virtually-by phone, email, teleconference, or other electronic means.
Onsite TA is provided face-to-face. One of the Western Region’s TA specialists will come to visit your project.

Technical Assistance for Applicants

Project Planning and Development ETA

This ETA is designed to assist prospective applicants in planning a project that is consistent with ANA’s mission of self-sufficiency and cultural preservation for Native communities. It can cover topics such as how to involve your community in project design, developing internal capacity for administering federal grants, and more.

You can receive up to 16 hours of ETA for Project Planning and Development if you are a potential ANA grantee who has not received ANA funding in the last 5 years.

Pre-application ETA

This ETA is designed to help ANA applicants finalize their grant applications to meet ANA requirements. You can receive an in-depth review of your current application prior to submitting it to ANA. Your application must be at least 75% complete.

While Pre-application ETA is available throughout the year, it is usually concentrated around application due dates. Available time slots fill up quickly near the application deadlines! Because of this, please request this ETA as soon as possible.

You can receive up to 16 hours of ETA review and assistance per application.

ETA to Unfunded Applicants

If you submitted an ANA application, but it was not chosen to be funded, you can request ETA for help in strategizing ways to improve your application or project concept for resubmission. Up to 8 hours of ETA are available per application.

Technical Assistance for Current Grantees

Onsite TA to Grantees

You can request a TA visit to your project by a TA specialist from the Western Region TTA Center. Based on the visit and the TA received, you and the TA specialist will develop a Project Improvement Plan to address issues covered in the visit, to ensure that your project can incorporate as many benefits as possible from the TA visit.

Onsite TA visits can be 1-4 days long, depending on the project’s needs.

ETA to Grantees

ETA is available and can be requested throughout your grant project, to address any issues encountered in your project. Like the onsite TA to grantees, this ETA can include the development of a Project improvement Plan to address issues covered in the TA provided, so changes and suggestions can be effectively incorporated into the project.

You can receive up to 16 hours of ETA per grant project.