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The ANA Western Region TTA Center provides trainings to guide you from planning your project through successfully implementing it in your community. Learn more about the 3 types of trainings.
Project Planning and Development | Pre-Application Training | Post-Award Training

About Project Planning and Development Training

A well-designed project is the foundation of a fundable ANA grant application. Project planning and development training teaches you about the planning processes to use in creating a well-designed project. You will build your capacity to plan and design projects for a variety of public or private funders, including ANA. The training will also provide tools to define the problems faced by your community and methods to create community-based solutions for those problems.

Project Planning and Development Training Schedule

There are no Project Planning and Development Trainings scheduled at this time.

About Pre-Application Training

Learn how to assemble a funding application for your well-designed community project that fits ANA’s funding announcement and other specific requirements. Pre-application training teaches you how to navigate the federal application process, including:

  • Understanding the ANA Funding Opportunity Announcement Evaluation Criteria
  • Registering and applying on
  • Formatting, packaging, and submitting a funding application to ANA

Pre-Application Training Schedule

There are no Pre-Application Trainings scheduled at this time.

About Post-Award Training

Learn the fundamentals of ANA grant management, administration, and reporting, which are the tools you will need to administer your ANA award. New grantees will learn:

  • What federal agencies are involved in the ANA grant program and their roles
  • How to complete and submit the required reporting for the grant
  • Techniques to increase youth and elder participation in the grant project

Post-Award Training Schedule

There are no post-award trainings scheduled at this time.

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Training is managed by Dan Van Otten, the Western Region Training Manager. Contact Dan to learn more about training opportunities for ANA grantees or applicants.