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Instructional Webinars Archive

This is an archive of instructional webinars conducted by the Western Region TTA Center, ANA and ACF.

2016 ANA FOA Changes: What You Need to Know!

February 19, 2016

ANA Director of the Division of Program Operations, Mia Strickland, discusses changes made to ANA’s standing FOAs in 2016 and introduces 2 new FOAs!

Language Teacher Certification and Retention

October 15, 2015

Language teachers are vital to the strength of language projects. Listen to language grantees from around the country give their best advice on teachers and their importance to the longevity of your project.

Sustaining a Language Program: Other Funding Sources

April 17, 2015

Grantees from two different language programs share what resources they use and strategies they follow to ensure the sustainability of their projects.

Using Census Data to Your Advantage

January 15, 2015

Data Dissemination Specialist Amadeo Shije returns with an in-depth tutorial on how to locate the data you need to support your grant proposal.

SEEDS: Economic Empowerment for Our Native Community

December 6, 2014

A new initiative proposed by the Administration for Native Americans, Sustainable Employment and Economic Development Strategies (SEEDS) help to create jobs and businesses for Native American tribes and organizations.

Project Orientation: a Practice for Successful Project Implementation

October 29, 2014

You’ve received an award, now what? Promptly holding project orientations for your staff is crucial to successful project implementation. Put your best foot forward using the strategies and techniques presented, here, by our Technical Assistance Specialist.